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I made this namespace and route:

namespace :api do resource :create_kpi, :except => [:edit, :destroy] end

the controller looks like this:

class Api::CreateKpiController < ApplicationController
  def create
    temp = Kpi.new(params[:data])  

    puts "temp: "
    puts temp.inspect    

and I would like to do something like this:

POST"some stuff"

but I am not sure how to construct the url with the setup I have. How should my url look like?


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You should not be passing data in query parametr for the POST request, so your url should look like HOST:PORT/api/create_kpi and POST DATA should have data="some stuff"

here is a curl example

curl -i http://HOST:PORT/api/create_kpi -F data="some stuff" 
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Looks like your routes entry should create a helper called api_create_kpi_path or something like that which you use in your links. You can just pass that route helper params you want added as query params, so api_create_kpi_path(:data => "some stuff").

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If I understood you correctly you have a controller and you want to know what to put in the view?

In that case, since you are posting data take a look at the form_tag and form_for, rails will construct everything for you to submit a post.

A very useful resource to getting started on things like is the definitive guide.

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