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insert into OPT (email, campaign_id) values('',100)
where not exists( select * from OPT where (email ="" and campaign_id =100)) ;

Error report: SQL Error: ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended 00933. 00000 - "SQL command not properly ended" *Cause:

how to insert a new row if it doesn't exists in Oracle?

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insert into OPT (email, campaign_id) 
select '',100
from dual
where not exists(select * 
                 from OPT 
                 where (email ="" and campaign_id =100));
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The correct way to insert something (in Oracle) based on another record already existing is by using the MERGE statement.

Please note that this question has already been answered here on SO:

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insert into OPT       (email,        campaign_id) 
select 'mom@coxnet' as email, 100 as campaign_id from dual MINUS
select                 email,        campaign_id from OPT;

If there is already a record with in OPT, the MINUS will subtract this record from the select 'mom@coxnet' as email, 100 as campaign_id from dual record and nothing will be inserted. On the other hand, if there is no such record, the MINUS does not subract anything and the values mom@coxnet/100 will be inserted.

As p.marino has already pointed out, merge is probably the better (and more correct) solution for your problem as it is specifically designed to solve your task.

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