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I'm trying to invoke zen_mail twice so that I can send an email to myself (admin) and my customer. I'm using the following to invoke it but I cannot seem to get it to work. When I do call it, it causes the emails not to send out. Can anyone help?

  zen_mail($customer['customers_firstname'] . " " . $customer['customers_lastname'],
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You can send messages to multiple recipients using zen_mail but the syntax is screwy. Why not just call zen_mail twice - once for the customer and once for the admin. This is the technique that is used in


you can search for zen_mail in this file and find the calls.

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Small problem. When I do this, use zen_mail twice, Zen-Cart always spits back an error saying that Zen-Cart was unable to send the message. I'll try it again though. –  Paul Williams Jun 12 '12 at 19:48

In the ZENCART admin:

Configuration->Email Options: Send Copy of Order Confirmation Emails To:

Here you can place multiple email addresses: ME,Joe,Fred

This will send confirmation emails to ME, Joe and Fred in addition to your customer.

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