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'City Block' definition: The area (often a rectangle) bounded by 4 intersecting streets: http://gyazo.com/46e1e6f0bbe97db8dd7dd19b0f38d016

Is there a convenient way of working out the nearest CITY BLOCK to a long,lat location?

If so, is there a way of getting the long,lat for, say, the lower left and upper right points of the 'City Block'?

I have a preference for a solution in Open Street Maps.

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The OverpassAPI has an around query that allows you to get specific objects (for example ways tagged as highway=residential) around a given position. You still have to determine if and which of those streets define a city block and calculate their intersections (there should be a node at every intersection) in order to get lan,lon of those intersections.

You may also ask this question at the OSM help site.

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