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I'm using Simperium (JS, on the client), and I have a situation where I need to register multiple ready handlers: one that marks the container I'm storing the data in as finished loading (so I can display it to the user), and another that checks if the currently active route matches one of the objects we just loaded, and re-runs the route handler if that is the case.

The thing is, using bucket.on(signal, handler) seems to overwrite the first applied handler with the second.

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Only a single handler is supported at the moment. We'd welcome any feedback on this though.

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I think it makes sense to be able to have multiple handlers on an event. My use case may be narrow though. Basically, I have a library that turns a bucket into a KnockoutJS observableArray, and part of that uses ready to set an internal flag. But it is useful for the end-client level code to be able to set a ready handler too. I do have a workaround. I'll write it up in some detail soon. –  Matthew Schinckel Jun 1 '12 at 0:11
Ok please let us know if you write it up. What you're trying to do makes sense, it shouldn't be a big impact to add this to the library, we'll make that change. –  ecksor Jun 1 '12 at 18:04

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