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I've just graduated from school with a CS degree, and before getting a job, I'm trying to teach myself as much as possible. A large problem I'm having is that I have few people to talk to about my code, and really improving the way I write programs. I figure the best way to do this is to see other people's code, and to see different ways to write programs, and to see what I can learn from more experienced programmers. Is there a good website that will allow me to see full programs/projects that others have written? In your guys' experience is there a good place to go about doing this?

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The best way to learn after university is to get a job! If you want to play around, you'll find lots of code on CodeProject.

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Sourceforge, yes, but the problem with them is that 99% of their projects are pretty quick and dirty affairs, and not exactly what you want to learn off of.

Pick an open source project that you really like and is really well regarded to study. If you're learning C++, try downloading a copy of the Quake II source. John Carmack's code reads like Dickens.

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Try picking a big, respectable project with a strong community. KDE and Linux kernel are two good examples. Some piece that you already use and know well. – Tadeusz A. Kadłubowski Jul 4 '09 at 17:45
I checked the first one, but that Dickens comment was by far my favorite. – Ethan Jul 5 '09 at 15:10
It is the best of code, it is the worst of code... – Dave Markle Jul 5 '09 at 15:20

A good way would be to get involved with open source projects. You can just read the code, or you can contribute too. There are open source projects on:

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