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this is a site i am working on.

media queries are working perfectly in firefox and not in safari or chrome.

if you drop the width to below 960 - you will see the background turn yellow in firefox... but in safari and chrome, the changes do not register.

i have never had this problem before. it is driving me insane.

can't find anything online ... does anyone have any ideas ??? css validates...

the project is a theme i built for wordpress. could that have anything to do with this?

thank you.

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in your style.css on line 282, you have a block for @media screen { without a closing }. Add the closing bracket after your css rules for the media screen (line 1320) - that should do the trick.

I guess firefox, unlike chrome and safari, isn't too picky about syntax.

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THANK YOU !!! i have never wrapped my main css in @media screen - but i saw chris coyier doing it and i was trying it out - and then forgot about that bracket !!!!!!!!!! i was going insane - looking at all my other responsive sites over and over again - THANK YOU !!! –  sheriffderek May 31 '12 at 22:20

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