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How can I use regex word boundary in a MySQL query?

For instance, I want to match either 'product' or 'newsletter',

It works fine with OR,

IF(? = 'product' OR ? = 'newsletter', ... , ...)

But how about a regex? I assume it would be something like this below?

IF(? REGEXP '^('product'||'newsletter')+$', ..., ... ) 
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What about ... IN ('product', 'newsletter')? – Wiseguy May 31 '12 at 3:44
that is great. thanks! – teelou May 31 '12 at 3:47
FROM tbl
WHERE description REGEXP '[[:<:]]red|blue[[:>:]]'

or, as a select expression:

SELECT IF(description REGEXP '[[:<:]]red|blue[[:>:]]', 1, 0) AS is_matched, tbl.*
FROM description

You can use RLIKE as a synonym but REGEXP seems to be more popular [citation needed].

Case Sensitivity

From the MySQL manual for REGEXP:

REGEXP is not case sensitive, except when used with binary strings.

mysql> SELECT 'a' REGEXP 'A', 'a' REGEXP BINARY 'A';
        -> 1  0
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Regular expressions in MySQL

In your case, you could use MATCH() ... AGAINST fulltext search with MyISAM storage engine.

Or you could use IN() as @Wiseguy mentioned

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