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I am fairly new to python but I know a fair amount. I made a simple program that adds items to a grocery list. I had a problem where it closes as soon as the items are printed, so I was working on something to fix it. Here is the entire program.

grocery_list = open('list.txt', 'a')
print 'This is your python grocery list project.'
newitems = raw_input('Add items (seperate with commas):')
grocery_list = open('list.txt', 'r')
list = grocery_list.readlines()
print list
choice = raw_input('Do you want to close your grocery list? (y/n)')
if choice == 'y'
  raw_input("We're waiting, please enter y to close")

My problem now is, on line 9, the space after it is all invalid syntax! What did I do wrong, and is there a better way to solve my problem of it closing as soon at it prints the items?

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You forgot a colon:

if choice == 'y'

should be

if choice == 'y':

Also, you need a condition (and a colon) after elif.

ETA: Also, the program will close on its own once it reaches the end, there is no need to call exit() (especially since all that happens if you type n is that it closes anyway). If you want to have the program wait for the user to type a key before the program exits, just do:

raw_input("Press enter to exit")

(No need to check what the input was).

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or change elif to else: if there's only 1 condition to check –  kaveman May 31 '12 at 4:23

you need : after your if and elif statement

the syntax should be like this:

    if condition:
    elif condition:

check out here for more info

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