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I have written the following code for ti calculate the views for image. if A user viewed 1.jpg image on the page then it will consider his view but after few time if he view the image then it will not consider his view ... After one day this A user , if user view image it will consider another view.

But Now problem is that my logic is working for only one user. If one A user view the image , view incremented by 1. but other user view the image it is not incrementing ... '

Please check the following view code ,

Thanks in advance .

$time_curr = time();
        $sql_4 = "select post_view_flag,post_users_id from f9pix_post where post_ID = '$disp_post'";
        $sql_1_1 = mysql_query("$sql_4");
        list($post_view_flag,$uid1) = mysql_fetch_array($sql_1_1);          

                $sql_1_1 = "update f9pix_post set time_post= '$time_curr' where post_users_id = '$uid1' AND post_ID = '$disp_post'";
        $sql_3 = "select time_post from f9pix_post where post_users_id = '$uid1' AND post_ID = '$disp_post'";
        $sql_1 = mysql_query("$sql_3");
        list($session_time) = mysql_fetch_array($sql_1);            
        $time_difference = time() - $session_time;
        $days = round($time_difference / 86400 );  

        if($post_view_flag==0 OR $days==1)
                $time_curr_1 = time();
                $views = $views+1;
                $post_flag =1;
                $sql_2 = "update f9pix_post set post_view_flag = '$post_flag' , post_view= '$views' where post_users_id = '$uid1' AND  post_ID = '$disp_post'" ;
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stop coding mysql_* since mysql_* functions are no longer maintained and community has begun the deprecation process. Use mysqli or PDO –  blasteralfred Ψ May 31 '12 at 5:59
Unfortunately the given piece of code is not sufficient enough for us to either reason why your logic is wrong, or be able to correct your logic for that matter. If this is part of a 'view', the user is looking at, I would like to know how you populate variables like $uid1 & $disp_post. Ideally you should have an authentication mechanism where you maintain a session and hence know which user is currently on the site (if logged in) and you would populate a $uid1 based on that. For different users, this value would be different and hence the logic should work out as long as it works for 1 user. –  Dhruva Sagar May 31 '12 at 7:11
Also, as a general practice you should try to minimise the number of queries you raise on a page, the multiple updates to the same record seem a bit redundant –  Dhruva Sagar May 31 '12 at 7:38

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