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I am developing a theme in Wordpress. I have an issue where updates to my stylesheet (style.css) are not being reflected in the browser after FTPing a new version of the file to the server. Edits will only show up in the browser after waiting a long time, (15+ minutes). I have tried all the things mentioned here (edit: now updated to address the issue), which have not worked. These include:

  • Making sure no caching plugins are installed in Wordpress
  • Clearing the browser cache
  • Trying from a different browser
  • Making sure I am editing and accessing the correct file
  • Checking webhost configuration panel for a caching plugin

Something seems to be caching the stylesheet but I'm not sure how this might be so.

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It turns out that my hosting company (Certified Hosting) uses a webpage caching plugin called Varnish on their shared servers. Unfortunately there is no mention of this in the configuration panel - the only way to disable it for the domain is to submit a support ticket. Once they fixed it on the backend, my changes are now correctly being reflected without having to wait a while as before.

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