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I have been creating an app which consist of a lo-gin page for a site. I am using HttpGet method and DefaultHttpClient for making connection. Everything works fine in with this. I will be receiving json response once the lo-gin is successful , in which i will be getting an URL to load with web-view. While loading the URL in web-view the cookies is not getting sync.I have been breaking my head for past one week. Can any one help me to solve this problem.Thanks in advance.

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Finally after spending a 10 days i found a solution.

if (!Utils.cookies.isEmpty()){
                CookieManager cookieManager = CookieManager.getInstance();
                for (Cookie cookie : Utils.cookies) {
                    Cookie sessionInfo = cookie;
                    String cookieString = sessionInfo.getName() + "=" + sessionInfo.getValue() + ";    domain=" + sessionInfo.getDomain();
                    cookieManager.setCookie(sessionInfo.getDomain(), cookieString);

this piece of code worked for me.

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