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I'm using RabbitMQ and ruby-amqp with Rails. When a message is received by a controller I perform the following:

def create 
  AMQP.start("amqp://localhost:5672") do |connection|
    channel  = AMQP::Channel.new(connection)
    exchange = channel.direct("")
    exchange.publish("some msg", :routing_key => "some key")

    EventMachine.add_timer(2) do
      connection.close { EventMachine.stop }
  1. Is there a way to keep the AMQP connection open so I don't have to call start every time a request comes in?

I assume that opening a connection to Rabbit MQ is inefficient, however I haven't found a way to pass a block of code to a persistant connection.

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you are definitely right here opening a connection each time you want to send something is very inefficient. Not familiar enough with ruby to suggest how to go about it though – robthewolf May 31 '12 at 5:25

If you just want to keep AMQP connection open, try to set a global variable to keep connection unique.

def start_em
  EventMachine.run do
    $connection = AMQP.connect(CONNECTION_SETTING) unless $connection

def publish(message, options = {})
  start_em {
    channel  = AMQP::Channel.new($connection)           
    exchange = channel.direct('')                          
    exchange.publish(message, {:routing_key => 'rails01'}.merge(options))
    EventMachine.add_timer(1) { exchange.delete }        

And don't forget to delete channel after you pulish your message.

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