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I have beggining php this week so i don´t have experience. I want to know how i can make real time update (without refreshing page) data from a database. If i have this database:

section  | himidity

1        | 5

2        | 40   

3        | 30

4        | 25

5        | 26

How can i update the value in real time since the humidity is always changing?

Many thanks

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I've found a code that update each second but only refresh the date:

<script type="text/javascript">
function display_c(){
var refresh=1000; // Refresh rate in milli seconds

function display_ct() {
var strcount
var x = new Date()
document.getElementById('ct').innerHTML = x;

<body onload=display_ct();>
update<span id='ct' ></span>

What i have to change to give the update from the database?


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