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I am using today's timetable plugin on my website. Problem is, starting time is the current time. But I want it to define it to a fixed time (i.e. 10:00). How can I do it?

plugin url with instructions (very limited): http://www.cod3.net/timetable/

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In 'How to use it' section, it says that you can use the 'goTo' method to go to specific hour.

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hi, thank you for responding. Yes but I want it start at a that time, placing a link wont help. –  Efe Jul 4 '09 at 19:56
What do you mean by 'placing a link wont help?' You don't have to call the 'gotTo' method on click of a link, you can call it right after you initialize your timetable variable. –  SolutionYogi Jul 4 '09 at 20:00
Well I tried it as the following code but it does not work, events dissappear. <script type="text/javascript"> var Monday = new Timetable("mondayTable").goTo(9.3); Monday.addEvent("Breakfast & Registration", 8, 0.45); Monday.addEvent("<img style='float:left' alt='Queens of the Stone Age' src='upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f9/…; />Opening Remarks<br /><a target='_blank' href='qotsa.com'>Official website</a><br /><a target='_blank' href='en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QOTSA'>Wikipedia page</a>", 9, 1); </script> –  Efe Jul 4 '09 at 20:20

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