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As per my requirement,i need to upload a file into a specified directory,later after some modifications, i need to upload the same file into the same directory,here previous file should not be overridden means files must be saved in the same directory with same names(here i have one assumption,that , for example if my file is abc.txt, after modifications if i upload the modified file it can be saved as abc(1).txt ). how can i resolve my issue? can anybody assist me to come out from this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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I am not sure if is the right way to do it.

For me, I do a while loop, and check whether the file exists with exists(), if not, increase the numbering. This method is not thread-safe.

Use createNewFile() plus a while loop instead. It will create the file if and only if the file does not exist. This is probably thread-safe, since the action of checking and creating is atomic.

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check the methods of File like:


if the file is existing you can count a number and create a new file name like

newFilename = MessageFormat.format("({0}){1}", counter++, originalFilename);
File newFile = new File(originalFile.getParentFile(),newFilename);

You can create and check new files as long as you find a filename which is not existing.

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if you can persist the number of uploads you could increment a number for each particular file and attend it to your filename (e.g. foo_1.txt or however you want) if you can't you might wanna go through all your files and check if they fit your naming schema. then you can extract the highest number, increment it by 1 and append it to your new file.

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