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Im embedding a text view inside a table view cell. This text view is meant for writing long text.

How do it get a variable height uitextview that expands automatically when the entered text exceeds the assigned height of the uitextview. It must work like composing a message in the Mail app.

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Check this link. Hope it helps! –  Amar May 31 '12 at 6:43

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  1. Set and implement delegate of UITextView delegate protocol
  2. Check size of UITextView.contentSize. If it's height parameter has changed then you should expand table view cell: 2.1 Reload particular cell. 2.2 Return new height value in UITableViewDelegate method.
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Take a look at this SO question.

You can take the font property from UITextView to use in the sizeWithFont: method.

You should implement the UITextViewDelegate protocol and every time the text view changes, that is, when – textViewDidChange: gets called you should reload the cell to adjust it to the content's size.

To reload a specific row, you can use – reloadRowsAtIndexPaths:withRowAnimation:.

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