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I have one Table which has two fields such as "StartTime" and "EndTime". The DataType of the Two columns are Time.

So the Values of the Table looks like as follows:


            StartTime                EndTime
       ------------------         ----------------
        17:30:00.0000000          17:57:00.0000000

But I need the result as

            StartTime                EndTime
       ------------------         ----------------
            05:30 PM                 05:57 PM

When I select the table. How to get time in AM PM Format?

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Use following syntax to convert a time to AM PM format.

Replace the field name with the value in following query.

select CONVERT(varchar(15),CAST('17:30:00.0000000' AS TIME),100)
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How can we add the space between minute and AM/PM? –  Afshin Moazami Jan 21 '14 at 20:01
There must be a better way but I did this: REPLACE(CONVERT(varchar(26),CAST('17:30:00.0000000' AS TIME),109),':00.0000000',' ') Since for my purposes, I do not use the milliseconds, but I added them to replace them with ' ' –  Jon H Jun 11 '14 at 17:22
@JonH I am also looking for a direct method. Please inform me if you find one. –  Romil Jun 11 '14 at 17:35

This returns like 11:30 AM

select CONVERT(VARCHAR(5), FromTime, 108) + ' ' + RIGHT(CONVERT(VARCHAR(30), FromTime, 9),2)
from tablename
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select case 
      when DATEPART(hour,'17:30:00.0000000') > 12 
      then cast((DATEPART(hour,'17:30:00.0000000') - 12) as varCHAR(2)) + ':' + cast(DATEPART(minute,'17:30:00.0000000') as varCHAR(2)) + ' PM'
      else cast(DATEPART(hour,'17:30:00.0000000') as varCHAR(2)) + ':' + cast(DATEPART(minute,'17:30:00.0000000') as varCHAR(2)) + ' PM'
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SELECT CONVERT(varchar, StartTime, 100) AS ST,
       CONVERT(varchar, EndTime, 100) AS ET
FROM some_table


SELECT RIGHT('0'+ LTRIM(RIGHT(CONVERT(varchar, StartTime, 100),8)),8) AS ST,
       RIGHT('0'+ LTRIM(RIGHT(CONVERT(varchar, EndTime, 100),8)),8) AS ET
FROM some_table
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Multiple functions, but this will give you what you need (tested on SQL Server 2008)

Edit: The following works not only for a time type, but for a datetime as well.

SELECT SUBSTRING(CONVERT(varchar(20),StartTime,22), 10, 11) AS Start, SUBSTRING(CONVERT(varchar(20),EndTime,22), 10, 11) AS End FROM [TableA];

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select CONVERT(varchar(15),CAST('2014-05-28 16:07:54.647' AS TIME),100) as CreatedTime

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select CONVERT(VARCHAR(5), ' 4:07PM', 108) + ' ' + RIGHT(CONVERT(VARCHAR(30), ' 4:07PM', 9),2) as ConvertedTime

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