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SEO sites suggest urls must be in lowercase for some reason, but my problem is with utf-8 urls can have some numbers and characters together, for example:


Which type is standard and better? This:


Or this:


I used lowercase, but when I copied the url and pasted it in the address bar, it became uppercase automatically, this case 301 redirect in my php code.

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Because encoded UTF8 should, by w3c and web standards, stay uppercase. In google point of view it's the same, they put their encoded UTF8 word in uppercase.

Best standard is %D9%F6 and you should stick to it ! Don't try lower or you should experience some duplicate page and for your seo it's really bad.

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i think so, i changed my URL function to Upper case UTF-8 urls. –  Vahid Jun 7 '12 at 17:14

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