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i want to get the you tube video info. So I prepared the url and call it as following

String YouTubeVideoInfo = "" + FinalVideoId;

                **WebRequest HttpWReq = (WebRequest)WebRequest.Create(YouTubeVideoInfo);**
                WebResponse HttpWResp = (WebResponse)HttpWReq.GetResponse();
                Stream stream = HttpWResp.GetResponseStream();
                StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(stream);
                string contents = reader.ReadToEnd();

but above code give the error. So i just want to know whether there are any way to call this url without adding protocol (http, https)

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No, you cannot. How would WebRequest know about the protocol if you don't give it a URI? As it stands it's definitely missing the protocol part and as such you cannot pass it as URI to anything that expects one.

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