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I want to create a Structure Group in Tridion 2011 using core services Any idea?

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Have you tried it? Do you really need to ask here how to do something that requires 3 lines of code? – Nuno Linhares May 31 '12 at 13:37

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This is the code:

var structureGroup = ClientAdmin.GetDefaultData(ItemType.StructureGroup, "tcm:0-2-1");
structureGroup.Title = "SG";
structureGroup.Directiry = structureGroup.Title.Replace(" ", ""),
structureGroup = (StructureGroupData) ClientAdmin.Create(structureGroup, new ReadOptions());

I don't think that any explanations are needed here, if you want to know more - check StructureGroupData class in CoreService API docs

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Also instead of publication ("tcm:0-2-1"), you can specify another Structure Group as parent item. – Igor Paniushkin May 31 '12 at 8:23
thanks a lot ....i am able to create it – Aquarius24 May 31 '12 at 9:21

The code above doesn't seem to be an standard Core Services API. Check this one.

CoreServiceClient channel = new CoreServiceClient("basicHttp_2011");
string organizationalItemId = "tcm:6-3-4";
StructureGroupData sg = new StructureGroupData();
sg.Id = "tcm:0-0-0";
sg.Title = "NewSG";
sg.LocationInfo = new LocationInfo() { OrganizationalItem = new LinkToOrganizationalItemData() { IdRef = organizationalItemId } };
sg.Directory = "NewSG";
sg = (StructureGroupData)channel.Save(sg, new ReadOptions());

You might note there that the Directory property cannot contain blank spaces. That is because it is validated by a regular expression. You can change it in the file cm_xml_usr.xsd located at [TRIDION_HOME]\bin.

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