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I've read almost everything on the official symfony page and it seems that for symfony 2.x there's nothing like 'Jobeet' there.

I've read the book, the 'Get Started' tutorial, now I want to get my hands dirty, and it would be wonderful if I can find something similar to 'Jobeet' but for Symfony 2.x.

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X-Share project is a nice tutorial for Symfony2 beginners.

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Jobeet Tutorial with Symfony2 is now available HERE by Dragos Holban.

Please be free to make any observations and improvements you consider important by commenting on the posts that will follow.

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I am currently reading http://tutorial.symblog.co.uk/index.html

There are a few problems because it's a little outdated, but in general it's VERY GOOD. Loved it :}

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At the start of the framework, Albert Jessurum has started to rewrite Jobeet for sf2. (Available here)
But for now, the project seems to be abandoned and I don't hear about other project like this.

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See Hassan Magdys answer for a more complete Jobeet case tutorial in updated for Symfony2 –  Johan Mar 14 '13 at 14:17

While not a free solution I would recommend the tutorials videos at http://knpuniversity.com/. They start with a project and you can get the code and transcripts in case you don't want to watch the whole video. They are high quality videos with voice overs so it isnn the developer talkin

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