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How can we add scriplet in include?


<@include file="../../../sample/Includes/util.jsp"> now i want to add context path in this


<@include file="request.getContextPath()/sample/Includes/util.jsp">

but i got some error.

so plz help me

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Includes are context-relative, so you should just prefix a forward slash and you have it.

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Static include are always relative.

  • If the relative URL starts with /, the path is relative to the JSP application's context, which is a javax.servlet.ServletContext object that is in turn stored in the application object.
  • If the relative URL starts with a directory or file name, the path is relative to the JSP file

The pathname to the included file, which is always a relative URL. Simply put, a relative URL is just the path segment of an URL, without a protocol, port, or domain name, like this:

  • "error.jsp"
  • "/templates/onlinestore.html"
  • "/beans/calendar.jsp"


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