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I want use dForm in my MVC app. When I try to build form from following json string it's ok.

 var formdata = {
        'action': 'index.html',
        'method': 'get',

but when I use generated part for elements like:

 var elements = {
                "action": "index.html",
                "method": "get",
                             $('#jqgrid').jqGrid('getGridParam', 'userData')

I get following error from dform:

    uncaught exception: No element type given! Must always exist.

But I am sure that "elements" tag is the same as I posted in first example.

I have found that in firebug I can see the getted string userData for jqGrid in following format for ex.:

"userdata":"{\"type\":\"select\",\"name\":\"Name\",\"caption\":\"Name\",\"options\":{\"first\":\"first\" .....

I generate userData from JObject. Maybe there is the problem. I have tried to replace the escaping character '\' but with no success.

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That format doesn't look right. It is probably trying to convert

{ "userdata" : "JSON String" }

From what I can tell you probably have to do:

JSON.parse($('#jqgrid').jqGrid('getGridParam', 'userData').userdata);

If that doesn't do it, check out the Google Group, it is probably easier to help you there.

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Thank for reply. Your code gives me following error: JSON.parse: unexpected character – Muff Jun 4 '12 at 11:40

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