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Could you explain to me - how can I use memcached in playframework? Where I have to put Models in cache?

In example on official site they put code for caching in Controllers, but I think this is bad idea - Controller methods become too complicated and I have to repeat the same parts of code.

I try to put caching code in Model's methods(Overide save() and delete()):

public News save() {
News news = super.save();
List<News> newsList = News.findAll();
Cache.set("news", newsList);
return news;

But I have more methods for save and delete! For example:

public static int deleteAll();


public static int delete(String query, Object... params);

I can't Override them because they are static (and in last one I can't recive information about deleted objects).

What I have found about this topic on the internet:

Among answers on this question I find: "Models caching : Done through hibernate, no need to implement anything" What does it mean? How can I switch on this option?

And here there are some information about hibernate caching. It is nesessary to put variables in application.conf:

hibernate.cache.provider_class=com.googlecode.hibernate.memcached.Memcached CacheProvider 

But I have not find any information about this variables on oficial site.

I need help! How to do caching correctly? Thanks!

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