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I am very new on ruby array, hash manipulation.

How can I do this simple transformation?

array = [#<struct id=1, car='red'>, #<struct id=2, car='yellow'>, #<struct id=3, car='green'>]

desired output in json:

[{id : 1, car : 'red'} , {id:2, car :'yellow'} ,{id:3 , car: "green"}]

Anyone any hints? don't know how to do that

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the desired output is not valid json. You mean an array? [...] – tokland May 31 '12 at 8:02
up vote 11 down vote accepted { |o| Hash[o.each_pair.to_a] }.to_json
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Convert array of struct objects into array of hash, then call to_json. You need to require json (ruby 1.9) in order to use the to_json method.

array.collect { |item| {:id =>, :car =>} }.to_json
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By default a Struct instance will be displayed as a string when encoding to json using the json ruby gem:

require 'json'
array = [#<struct id=1, car='red'>, #<struct id=2, car='yellow'>, #<struct id=3, car='green'>] # assuming real structure code in the array
puts array.to_json


["#<struct id=1, car='red'>", "#<struct id=2, car='yellow'>", "#<struct id=3, car='green'>"]

This is obviously not what you want.

The next logical step is to make sure that your struct instances can be properly serialized to JSON, as well as created back from JSON.

To do this you can alter the declaration of your structure:

YourStruct =, :car)
class YourStruct
  def to_json(*a)
    {:id =>, :car =>}.to_json(*a)

  def self.json_create(o)
    new(o['id'], o['car'])

So you can now write the following:

a = [, 'toy'),, 'test')]
puts a.to_json

which prints

[{"id": 1,"car":"toy"},{"id": 2,"car":"test"}]

and also deserialize from JSON:

YourStruct.json_create(JSON.parse('{"id": 1,"car":"toy"}'))
# => #<struct YourStruct id=1, car="toy">
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very grateful for this. i tried many other solutions and this was the first that worked... maybe someday I'll actually understand it. – Dave Sep 25 '15 at 19:18

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