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In Delphi 2009, how can I build a project using command line. I tried using the command line compiler and supplying -a -u -i -r in dcc32.cfg file. But compiler is not recognizing the paths and throwing the error required package xyzPack is not found.


and on command line i execute the command :

    dcc32 "C:\MyProj\MyProject.dpr" -B -E"c:\MyProj\Output\EXE"

What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks & Regards, Pavan.

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Instead of invoking the compiler directly, consider using MSBuild on your .dproj, since that's what the IDE uses. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/558147/delphi-msbuild-build-configuraions-from-command-line might help you with that.

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From the related answer (as shown below) ie:


I notice that you should be able to build a single package from the command line this way. I have used batch files (buildall.cmd) to launch dcc32, and have not yet used msbuild.

I have ultimately found both approaches frustrating, and have instead decided to opt for building a little GUI shell (a lite version of Final Builder, if you like) that basically works as a semi-graphical semi-command-line way of automating my builds and filtering the compiler output to produce results. I would be highly interested in anyone else's experiences with "tinder box" (daily or even continuous build) operations with Delphi.

You may end up where I'm heading... just buy Final Builder. :-)

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