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I downloaded the Feeds API Section Client Library for php but there is no config.inc.php file. I even searched for the config file in other api library. Can anyone guide me through the problem??? To solve the issue, I created my own config.inc.php file and included the essential credentials, and made necessary changes in the SubmitFeedSample.php. But I am getting " Class 'MarketplaceWebService_Model_SubmitFeedRequest' not found" error. Help!!!

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Yes config.inc.php is actualy .config.inc.php and it is hidden as well. And for MarketplaceWebService_Model_SubmitFeedRequest you need to include or require_once as below

require_once 'FeedsAPIClass/src/MarketplaceWebService/Client.php';
require_once 'FeedsAPIClass/src/MarketplaceWebService/Model/SubmitFeedRequest.php';
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The config.inc.php has a leading '.' (.config.inc.php) and it should be in the Samples directory.

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