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I have a 2column,tab delimiterde file:

email@address   Name Fullname

(note: between Name and Fullname is a space)

What I would like to get is a mutt alias file:

alias nickname Name Fullname email@address

(note: No tabs here everything is a space.)

I fixed

awk -F "\t" '{ print "alias" " " $2 " " $2 " " $1 }' $FILE

which gives me:

alias Name Fullname Name Fullname email@address

but I would like to get:

alias Name_Fullname Name Fullname email@address

So, how to replace all spaces in 2nd column with underscores? Thanks

I tried

awk -F "\t" '{ print "alias" " " sub(/ /,"_",$2) " " $2 " " $1 }' $FILE

but that gives me the strange:

alias 1 Name_Fullname email@ddress
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try this:

awk -F "\t" '{x=$2;print "alias" " " gsub(/ /,"_",x) " " $2 " " $1 }' $FILE 
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+1 - Replace all those " " with commas to give the same effect but look neater. The commas get replaced with OFS which defaults to a space. @user1427715: The reason yours didn't work and this one does is that sub() and gsub make the replacement in-place. – Dennis Williamson May 31 '12 at 11:23
awk -F "\t" '{ x=$2; gsub(/ /,"_",$2); print "alias", $2, x, $1 }' $FILE Did it, thanks again – jods May 31 '12 at 20:35

What about using default input delimiters:

awk '{printf "alias %s %s_%s %s %s %s\n", $2, $3, $2, $3, $1}' $FILE
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Problem is 2nd column "Name Fullname" contains sometimes 1 sometimes 2 or more spaces. – jods May 31 '12 at 9:47

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