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I am trying to deploy a war file in tomcat using axis2, eclipse and Maven2.i am new to this and created everything by following a article given below


I have tried all the steps given in above article and deployed the war file successfully. When I try to hit "localhost:8080/axis2Example-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT/" I am getting "hello" message

But when I hit localhost:8080/axis2Example/services/HelloWs/sayHello?name=Max or localhost:8080/axis2Example/ Iam getting 404 page Can some one please help me out


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You are mixing two different context paths here:

  • /axis2Example-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
  • /axis2Example

I guess Eclipse is using the first one per default.

You can set the context path of the application by right clicking on your project in Eclipse and clicking on Properties -> Web Project Settings -> Context root. Here you can set the context path to whatever you want.

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I am using Maven project. So, I am unable to find "Web Project Settings" in properties –  Praveen Jun 6 '12 at 5:45

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