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I'm trying to plot a line chart and add a chart editor button similar to the example in the Google Code Playground. Here is my html file. The difference between playground example and my plot is that my all column types are number including the first column.

My plot seems OK, there are two lines as expected but when I open the editor window, "Use 1st column as labels" checkbox is not selected and there are three lines instead of two. My label column which is of number type is also drawn.

Plot on the Chart Editor seems OK when I select the checkbox, but I don't want to do that manually. How should I do this automatically?

By the way, I think Discrete vs Continuous page in developers.google.com is related but I couldn't find any solutions there.

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Have you considered using the Annotation role instead of a third data column?


Admittedly that functionality is quite well hidden, I didn't spot it until I explicitly looked for it.

It appends the annotations to the first series of the chart, looks quite nice, and can have hover-over text as well.

Hope that helps!

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