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I am new to Wpf. One UserControl (Wpf UserControl) is added to the DockPanel and in some action O replaced the first UserControl with another UserControl in DockPanel dynamically. But the first UserContorl remains visible and the second UserControl in not showing in DockPanel.

I don't know the correct behavior of how I can be loaded dynamically. I added this code (this code is executed well) but it doesn't reflect the action to display "CtlAddEmployee" control in Dockpanel.

CtlAddEmployee frm2 = new CtlAddEmployee(str);

For full details how it is working is asked in my previous question in detailed way:

Loading another userControl in wpf Ribbon Window when the we click on DataGrid row

Please provide the solution for this.

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yaa here i need to refer old object but not the new created object for the corresponding class reference...

For that better to use parameterized constructors..

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