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i am getting error while i am passing two variable value to stored procedure using linq

below is how i have used to pass variables to the linq

Customer objCustomer = DbContext.ExecuteStoreQuery<Customer>
                ("exec getCustomerDetails {0}{1}", CustomerId, OrderId).AsQueryable().ToList();

below is my stored procedure

create procedure getCustomerDetails 
@CustomerId int,
@OrderId int
select * from customer c
where c.CustomerId = @CustomerId and c.OrderId = @OrderId

below is the error i get

Message = "Must declare the scalar variable \"@p0@p1\"."

please suggest


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further to what jackie has stated, I think the issue is down to the fact that there is no space between your parameters. try:

("exec getCustomerDetails {0} {1}", CustomerId, OrderId)

hope this helps

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thanks for ur comment i have putted {0},{1} and now its working fine –  aamankhaan May 31 '12 at 10:22
aamankhaan - glad that worked for you :-) –  jim tollan May 31 '12 at 10:29

I think you are missing a comma between {0} and {1}...

But why don't you import the stored procedure into your entity model, so that you can call the stored procedure like this:

DbContext.getCustomerDetails(CustomerId, OrderId)

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thanks for your comment but i don't want to move my stored procedure to enity model ...cuz i am assigning it to my customer class which have entities same as the my sql server customer table –  aamankhaan May 31 '12 at 9:22

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