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I have a Pcap file with a rather big size. I just want to read one packet in this file, for example, the 10th packet.

I have a tshark command like this:

tshark -r myfile.pcap frame.number == 10 -V

The command will continue searching the entire file even when it finds the 10th packet. That takes a long time.

I prefer to stop the command when it finds the packet, how can i do that?

Thank you for any suggestion.

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editcap (part of the wireshark package) can be used to extract one or more specific frames from a pcap file to a new pcap file.

You can then run tshark on the new file. (This is a two-step process but for large pcap files it will take less time than tshark will take to read the whole file).

Usage: editcap [options] ... <infile> <outfile> [ <packet#>[-<packet#>] ... ]

Packet selection:
  -r                     keep the selected packets; default is to delete them.

See editcap -h for the complete list of editcap options.

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Thank you. I have tried that. It works. ^^ – Alice Jun 1 '12 at 9:14

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