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I'm using Embarcadero RAD Studio C++ Builder 2010 (if that is relevant somehow) and I have a strange issue - my program runs well from IDE, also runs well as a standalone .exe, but only when the IDE is either still in background, OR has been launched at least once since reboot. So, basically, the behavior is as follows - I restart the OS and start my program - it fails. I open IDE and can close it right away - after it the program runs as it should (a few times, though, I saw it still crashing when IDE is closed and working as normal when it's re-opened). I have a friend who uses the same IDE, I've sent him my .exe and he confirmed exactly the same behavior. Also, obviously, the program crashes on any system that doesn't have the IDE installed.

It doesn't crash right away, it crashes when I launch a loop in a separate thread, created with CreateThread. The program has two "modes", one is a portion of code executed from main thread once (manually, by pressing the button), and another one is exactly the same code, just placed in a loop in a separate thread (and sending a PostMessage to the application handle, if it's somehow relevant). The first code (produce only one iteration) still works perfectly. The second (loop in a separate thread) results in this crash when IDE hasn't been launched since reboot. It doesn't crash immediately, I see a result of at least one successful loop appear on the form, but then I get the usual Windows message that "a program has made an error and will be closed" and "send a report to MS". (my Win XP isn't in English, sorry, I don't know the exact wording on this message).

Since it crashes only outside of IDE, I can't debug it to see what exactly goes wrong inside it. The same message appears for basically any errors inside a separate thread (division by 0, access violations, anything), so it's hard to even guess the exact source of error; but I suspect it can be smth thread-related because I don't get the error from one-iteration run in main thread. Also, weirdly, if I resize the form before launching the loop in a thread, it manages to start working normally - but when I resize it back to original size, I immediately have a crash. It's a rendering/drawing application so the resize operation in theory could be a source of "independent" error crash, but I have all the resize operations not intersecting in time with drawing and, moreover, I don't get crashes on resize when I run the program with IDE, either.

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wild guess: maybe the IDE changes some screen/video card setting that is required for your program; Anyway if debuggnig does not work you could resort to extensive logging. –  stijn May 31 '12 at 11:09
@stijn, not really, the rendering and drawing is done fully by me, it's a software rasterizer and uses only internal arrays and a form's canvas. Also, the very same rendering works fine when I render exactly one frame, as described. –  Anton May 31 '12 at 11:15

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