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I wish to download a video from YouTube and then extract its audio.

Can anyone point me to some C# code to download a video?

For clarification purposes, I already know how to extract audio from a .FLV file like these.

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Since all the other answers are outdated, I've written a library that is up-to-date:

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Thanks for posting this. – Maxim Zaslavsky Jan 27 '13 at 0:32
Works out of the box, thanks :) – Lasse Christiansen Apr 5 '13 at 19:02
Such a good tool, I have to voteup – Asif Ashraf Jun 20 '15 at 5:09

To all interested:

The "Coding for fun" book's chapter 4 "InnerTube: Download, Convert, and Sync YouTube Videos" deals with the topic. The code and discussion are at

[PLEASE BEWARE] While the overall concepts are valid some years after the publication, non-documented details of the youtube internals the project relies on can have changed (see the comment at the bottom of the page behind the second link).

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You can check out libvideo. It's much more up-to-date than YoutubeExtractor, and is fast and clean to use.

(Disclaimer: I wrote it. Please enjoy!)

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Just be sure to use with VS2015, because it´s written in C#6 syntax. – Gabriel Militello Jan 12 at 19:37

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