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I wish to download a video from YouTube and then extract its audio.

Can anyone point me to some C# code to download a video?

For clarification purposes, I already know how to extract audio from a .FLV file like these.

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Since all the other answers are outdated, I've written a library that is up-to-date:


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I have been using the youtube extractor from a while now and it works great but for some videos, the extracted youtube video link works, for others only the video plays without any audio and some links don't work at all. Is there a particular reason why the extracted link doesn't work? – Ali Baig 2 days ago
I am not using it for downloading videos, I am using it for streaming some videos directly. Can it be used for that? Will be glad to know – Ali Baig 2 days ago

You can check out libvideo. It's much more up-to-date than YoutubeExtractor, and is fast and clean to use.

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latest update ? – Kiquenet May 24 at 19:55

To all interested:

The "Coding for fun" book's chapter 4 "InnerTube: Download, Convert, and Sync YouTube Videos" deals with the topic. The code and discussion are at http://www.c4fbook.com/InnerTube.

[PLEASE BEWARE] While the overall concepts are valid some years after the publication, non-documented details of the youtube internals the project relies on can have changed (see the comment at the bottom of the page behind the second link).

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c4fbook.com/InnerTube not found - 404 error – Kiquenet May 24 at 18:09
@Kiquenet I'll look it it up soon (ping me if I don't); too bad can't easily share my hard copy that easily (and I have a Russian translation :)) – mlvljr May 24 at 22:14

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