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In Worklight, its possible to open a native page from the Worklight application for Android. Is it possible to launch a native application from an application developed by Worklight in an Android device? If possible, how? Thanks in advance.

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Yes and it has nothing to do with Worklight :)

In your native page in Worklight (or you can write a phonegap plugin if you prefer), you need to create an intent (see http://developer.android.com/reference/android/content/Intent.html).
This intent can open an external application.

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Yes, it is possible. Here is a training that explains how to open native activity from Worklight application - http://worklight.com/download/get-started/4.2.1/module-9.1

If you want to open another activity (other app) from your application, you will need to create a PhoneGap plugin which creates an Intent object to open a new application.

This question may contain what you're looking for Open another application from your own (intent)

And here you can see how to implement PhoneGap plugin for Android - http://worklight.com/download/get-started/4.2.1/module-9.3

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IBM Worklight has samples that cover calling the native app, but that was created in worklight itself. Eg: module_09_1_Android_CombiningNativeAndWebPages in this sample in the Android folder itself they created one activity com.AndroidShowNativePage.HelloNative (package name) that activity was invoking from that JavaScript.

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Using Worklight you can call native page ,



function backtopage()

custom parameter to call native code and back to web page.

if you have doubt please refer "Anton" link .

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