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I am using Google Earth API in Excel VBA. The screenshots are coming in black and white instead of color. Please suggest me where I am doing wrong?

Dim ge As earthlib.ApplicationGE

Set ge = New ApplicationGE

Dim kmlString As Variant

kmlString = "C:\temp\test.kmz"

ge.OpenKmlFile (kmlString, 1)

Dim tPlace As earthlib.FeatureGE

Set tPlace = ge.GetTemporaryPlaces

Dim fldrPath As String, jpgName as String

fldrPath = "C:\temp\"

jpgName = fldrPath & "outJpg1.JPG"

ge.SaveScreenShot (jpgName, 100)
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I'm afraid there isn't nearly enough information here for anyone to assist you. You might consider posting the code you are using to call the API. – JimmyPena May 31 '12 at 14:00
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The comment I found in this documentation suggests that this is by design. I haven't found anything that suggests what to do instead, though.

/// \brief Takes low quality black and white screen shot
/// of the current camera view.
/// This image is not meant to  be used for rapid capture and degrades
/// in quality if used frequently.
/// \param fileName Full path JPG filename of output screen shot.
/// \param quality Quality factor of output image. Lowest quality is
/// \c 0 and highest quality is \c 100. Input quality is always clamped
/// to (\c 0, \c 100) inclusive.
/// \retval S_OK Successfully saved screen shot.
/// \retval (other) Appropriate error code.
[id(5), helpstring("method SaveScreenShot")]
HRESULT SaveScreenShot([in] BSTR fileName, [in] long quality);
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Thanks Akash, it means we can't capture color images using code. Correct? – Pugazh Jun 4 '12 at 2:16
Thanks for you comment. I achieved it by using VBA application.sendkey method. – Pugazh Jun 4 '12 at 7:49

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