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I know there are may discussions about it. But I can not find the solution for my own problem. Currently I want to inject all pages including iframes or frames even iframes' iframes when using C# WebBrowser Control. For example, I want to inject scripts, e.g. alert("hello"), before the pages display.

It is quiet easy when there is only a main page.

private void webBrowser1_Navigated(object sender, WebBrowserNavigatedEventArgs e)
    WebBrowser curWebBrowser = (WebBrowser)sender;            
    HtmlElement head = curWebBrowser.Document.GetElementsByTagName("head")[0];
    HtmlElement scriptEl = curWebBrowser.Document.CreateElement("script");
    IHTMLScriptElement element = (IHTMLScriptElement)scriptEl.DomElement;
    element.text ="alert('hello');";

But when it occurs to inject scripts into all pages, I found I do not know which iframe is navigated in Navigated Event.

There is e.URL so I know its main page or not.But there is no further information I can find. Currently I traverse all frames in the browser filtered by e.URL (sometimes two iframes are with same URL) and try to avoid the pages execute scripts repeatedly. But I think What I do is really stupid and it does not work totally as the pages in iframes alert messages "after" the pages are displayed....

Are there any better suggestions?

Thanks at advance.

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So are you trying inject javascript into every document and/or iframe in the webBrowser and find which one the user has navigated to? –  MatthewRz May 31 '12 at 11:23
Yes I want to inject javascript into every document and iframe.Furthermore , as I write a script which override alert(), I have to make sure no alert() is called before I override it in each page including in iframes –  Willy May 31 '12 at 11:35
Did you ever find a good way to do this? –  iandotkelly Jan 21 '13 at 20:40
I used proxy to do this finally... –  Willy Jan 23 '13 at 2:55

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