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I am using WWW::Selenium to automate a webflow. When I check a checkbox (Select all), all the checkboxes present in the page gets checked and a link becomes active.

But when I do it using WWW::Seleium::check(), the checkbox is getting checked, but all other checkboxes and the link have no effect.

Can someone please give some pointer as to what is the issue?


use WWW::Selenium;
my $sel = WWW::Selenium->new( host => "localhost",
                              port => 5555,
                              browser => "*iexplore",
                              browser_url => "http://mygengo.com/string/p/demoproject-1/edit/slave/ui/de_de",

$cook = $sel->get_cookie();

$sel->type("login_email", 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx');
$sel->type("login_password", "xxxxxxxxx");

$sel->check('id=select-all-visible'); #ISSUE: This just checks the checkbox, but has no effect on other checkboxes & links, like it happens when done on the browser
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The question is too vague. Which Web page? Show your code. –  daxim May 31 '12 at 10:48
I have added my perl code. –  cppcoder May 31 '12 at 10:53

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I have solved the problem by using WWW::Selenium::click() instead of WWW::Selenium::check().

If checking the checkbox results in some page actions, go for click instead of check.

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