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Hi I am using a web application with MVC3. I am new to this MVC3 with telerik treeview control. Can any one tell me some examples for populating XML file into Telerik tree view using MVC pattern?

My XML File code is:

     <Salary value="20000">
     <Designation value="Developer">
     <Grade value="G2">
     <Age value="26">
     <YearsOfExperience value=4>
     <Rating value="3">

This is my XML file content. Here Department is my root node and Employee,Experience and Reward are the same level nodes.Salary,designation,grade, age and rating are the child nodes of the above nodes.

Now I want to populate this XML file into Telerik Tree View control using MVC. can anyone please tell me the process with Controller, View ,CSHTML ?

How can i achieve this implementation?

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The LoadContentFile method expects the XML to be in a predefined format specific to RadTreeView:

   <Node Text="North America" Expanded="True" Value="1">
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