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I find that I need to frequently favor composition over inheritance and consequently a lot of the lines of code I need to produce are made of the mappings between the private final Contract implementation and the Contract interface methods.

(Predictable) Mapping Example

public abstract class Sloth<T> extends BaseAnimal implements Valuator<T> {

    private final Valuator<T> valuator = new GenericValuator<T>();

    public void setValue(T value) {

    public void clearValue() {

    public T getDefault() {
        return valuator.getDefault();

    public T getValue() {
        return valuator.getValue();

    public void addStorageBidListeners(OnStorageBid<T>... onStorageBid) {


Is there any way to auto-generate this mapping:

  • In principle it should suffice to just supply the interface and the implementation?
  • At the moment I'm manually writing out all the valuator. mappings, Im hoping there is a shortcut to such automatic refactoring?
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You can use Alt + Ins then select Delegate methods..

In first step you should select your property. In your example is it valuator. In next step choose methods.

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i had trouble getting to enable the Delegate Methods.. option and in the end discovered that it would NOT work if the caret was on the field (e.g. valuator) nor if I selected the field - the cursor had to be anywhere but (within the body of the class)... –  Cel Jun 4 '12 at 10:35
now found more of same question as well, using synonymous terminology Can IntelliJ automatically create a decorator class and Does IntelliJ IDEA have a Create Wrapper code generator –  Cel Jun 4 '12 at 10:37

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