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I need to write a Chrome extension to track file download dates and speeds. Is there any Google Chrome API to detect when a file starts/ends downloading?

Thanks, -J.

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No, not at the time of writing.

The Chrome extensions API documentation doesn't currently cover such functionality.

The experimental downloads API doesn't cover the functionality you need but may be worth checking back on as changes are made.

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Thank you @Jon Cram. I will monitor activity of chrome.experimental.downloads. – John May 31 '12 at 12:49
Link to the "experimental downloads API" is broken! (I know the answer is old, but for other people) – z3ntu Jul 27 at 5:53

There's something in the pipe right now!

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Tracking starting and stopping can be done with onCreated/onChanged/search(), which are implemented and will probably be released out of experimental into the dev branch in a couple weeks or so. I'll make an announcement on the Google Chrome Developers G+ stream.

Tracking the speed of the download can be approximated, but the speed that is displayed in the shelf and chrome://downloads is not directly accessible via the extension api as currently spec'd. We'll consider exposing the information if there's a use case that can't be met well enough by approximation.

No firm plans yet on when the api will be released to the stable branch.

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Thanks @Ben Hayden, this is good to hear. Approximation will cover my needs for now. -John – John Jun 1 '12 at 7:40

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