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C# winforms app - I'm using a StreamWriter to write a .csv file (reading from DataGridView).

Because it is a .csv file, how can I tell the StreamReader not to read comma characters from DatagridView (if any)?

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There is no method with StreamReader to read text without specific charracter.

You can read first then store it in temporary string and use the string.Replace() method to discard comma.


then write to csv file.

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If I make a temporary string - how to read them again correctly, because its comma delimiters are in fact - DataGridView cells? –  Bonaca May 31 '12 at 12:28
Don't use a comma as a delimter. I found that out the hard way a few times use something else, that is highly unlikely your user will ever use, I like § or ¥, mainly because they look cool, this one is simple and I have never seen it used anywhere ¦ no it is not a semi-colon, it is called a broken bar. –  K'Leg May 31 '12 at 12:57

c# winforms I'm using a StreamWriter to write a csv.file

This sentence is scary. Checkout the following article. And then use a real CSV parser.

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