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I have create one report and put subreport into summary. I have problem to remove the new page blank in subreport because i have put clicks "run to bottom" in subreport's properties. After that, i run my report properly. The data appear correctly but problem comes when one new page blank appear after page. I don't know how to remove the blank page. Anyone know about this?

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You should post the screenshot of your resulting report and jrxml file – Alex K Jun 1 '12 at 9:20

I solve this adding the attribute isRemoveLineWhenBlank="true" for the reportElement tag:

<reportElement mode="Opaque" x="0" y="0" width="802" height="60" isRemoveLineWhenBlank="true" ...

And the band height, reportElement height and the subreport height must be equals:

        <band height="60" splitType="Stretch">
                <reportElement mode="Opaque" x="0" y="0" width="802" height="60" ...
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i know my mistakes is not put sub report by size band. Size band and sub ​​report must be the same size so that no blank page will come out.

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