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I have the problem that Visual Studio (or Resharper) removes whitespace after the tag when I use the formatting shortcut ctrl + k + d.

Example - before using the formatting shortcut:

<p>Sample text <b><span class="sometext"></span></b> fooo</p>

Example - after using the formatting shortcut:

<p>Sample text <b><span class="sometext"></span></b>fooo</p>
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Ctrl+K+D runs Visual Studio formatter. To use ReSharper one, use Ctrl+E+C. But please note, that in HTML it can only fix indents for you - other spaces or new lines would stay intact.

P.S. One more shortcut for reformatting is Ctrl+E+F. First time when you invoke it you select profile (choose Reformat only and turn on using this profile by default for silent cleanup). Next time when you press Ctrl+E+F it would just silently reformat you code, without dialog.

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