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I have a table that has no primary key. All I want to do is see the data. I DO NOT WANT TO EDIT IT. Yet, whenever I run this query...

SELECT * FROM TableThatHasNoPrimaryKey  

MySQL Workbench (version 5.2.36 v8542, running on Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit) gives me this error...

table data is not editable because there is no primary key defined for the table

Is this a bug? This query displays the data just fine on MySQL browser.

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I found this on internet:

try this launch the workbench using:

"mysql-workbench --log-level=debug3"

it's a bug, take a look here:


if not you will have to add a primary key, take a look to this forum

MYSQL and python error

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Thanks, although I was hoping that there was a setting I had to check/uncheck. sigh I guess I'll have to put up with this for now. I really wish Linux had a Sequel Pro port. –  b10hazard May 31 '12 at 13:46

SELECT * FROM ( SELECT * FROM TableWithNoPrimaryKey ) AS tmp

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Another workaround

select *, char_length('') from tableName

Using a function in the select statement gets around the issue

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I use this as a workaround:


FROM TableThatHasNoPrimaryKey;

SELECT * FROM TempTableThatHasNoPrimaryKey

for some strange reason this works...

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