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I'm trying to see how some very basic example how i can use backbone.js with asp.net mvc3. I've been searching for quite some time now and I'm all lost mainly because all the tutorials and blogs i've gone through they are not asp.net mvc3 oriented. I've only found one link related to that which is the following link :


Unfortunately I'm unable to run this code successfully. So is there anyone how can share some very foundational level tutorial about backbone.js how it can be used with Asp.net mvc3. How to setup up backbone.js. and some good practice to follow in this regard. I'm only looking for the free stuff here.


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The best way to learn a client side framework such as backbone is to completely abstract yourself from the server side technology. So if I had one advice to give you is to go ahead and read the official documentation and tutorials and play with a static HTML page. Once you have understood how it works it is pretty trivial to replace this HTML page with an ASP.NET MVC view where the data is populated from a controller instead of hardcoding it.

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I'm trying fully comply but it doesn't seem to be of much help right now mainly because I've not much client side framework experience –  afr0 May 31 '12 at 13:17

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