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I am receiveing the json object. There is another json object in the value of abc in this case

 "abc": "{\n  \"_count\": 10,\n  \"_start\": 0,\n  \"_total\": 60\n }",
"success": true

I want to get the the the value of abc as JSON object in javascript

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please give us some details about the programming language you use... do you use jquery's getJSON function? – Tobias Bambullis May 31 '12 at 13:35
I want to capture it in javaascript – Rana Muhammad Usman May 31 '12 at 15:30
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You would use something like this:

var obj = JSON.parse(JSON.parse(the_string).abc);

NOTE: Your JSON is invalid. Please correct it. It should be somewhat like the below:

 "abc": "{\n  \"_count\": 10,\n  \"_start\": 0,\n  \"_total\": 60\n}",
"success": true
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If your object is in a variable called obj then will return the string value. As this is a JSON string encoding a JavaScript object you need to use JSON.parse to convert it : var abc = JSON.parse (;. You now have access to the field vaues abc._count, abc._start and abc._total.

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