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I am running VisualSVNServer on a remote server (Server 2007 R2) and Tortoise SVN 1.6.12 x64 on my Windows 7 machine. I have set up a repository on the server and am able to rep-browse to it and checkout. When I add files (which it lets me do) and then commit, I get the following error

Can't open file 'C:\Repositories\Test\db\txn-current-lock': Access is denied

I have set up read/write permissions from within VisualSVNServer and gave my user id Full Control over the repositories directory. I have read on how to fix this in Linux, but I am running Windows 7. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks

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You need to assign Read / Write permissions on C:\Repositories\Test\ (recursive) for the user account, under which your server runs ('Network Service' by default).

(In the Windows Explorer go to "C:\Repositories" then Right-click on "Test" folder | Properties | Permissions tab).

See the Knowledge Base article "Permissions required to run VisualSVN Server".

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I had the same problem on Windows XP SP3. The VisualSVN Server service "Log On As" needs to be Local System, NOT Local Service.

(Right-click My Computer -> Manage -> Services and Applications -> Services -> double click VisualSVN Server -> Log On -> select Local System account, then restart the service)

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